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Jocelyn david


Do versace sunglasses have serial numbers?

I just wonder if versace sunglasses have serial numbers? Can i judge the the versace sunglasses according to their serial numbers?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Well, as you can see, Versace is an International brand which is famous for producing a wide range of quality products, founded in Italy, they are now one of the top fashion brands. Consequently, they have been always trying to protect their customers who pay a lot for their products, thus they introduced serial numbers as a way of tackling fake products on the market. With the serial numbers , you should contact their customer service and see if your products are real.
  • hall


    Yes, the versace sunglasses have the serial numbers. However the serial numbers are designed to help you judge the realness of the versace sunglasses. They are just referred to the sizes of the glasses frames and other points. You could base on the sunglasses' serial number to check whether the sunglasses are suitable to you.