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Is there anyway to fix a lazy eye at 14?

I am 14 years old. I have a lazy eye. Many people told me that it is too late to fix a lazy eye at 14. But I don't believe it. If you know some ways to cure a lazy eye, please tell me. Thank you in advance!
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  • Ryan evelyn


    I heard that the lazy eye can be cured at the age before 7 or 8. As you are already 14 years old, I think it is impossibly to cure your lazy eye. The best thing you can do is to protect your good eye. Usually we will treat amblyopia (lazy eye) at an early age, that's why many doctors ask the children to have their eyes checked regularly for fare of some vision problems.
  • Connor nelson


    Dear kid, you can ask your parents to take you to see pediatric ophthalmologists for they can assess your situations and recommend appropriate treatment if your lazy eye is curable. Maybe there are some pertinent surgical corrections for lazy eyes though you are 14 years old. If there isn't an appropriate surgical correction for you, they may recommend some exercise options to you as well. Hope you good luck!
  • Jonathan


    Kid, you can have your lazy eye corrected by some kinds of surgery. Many people think that the amblyopia or lazy eye can't be corrected if the child is too old (usually older than 8 years old), but actually the doctors have helped many older children to correct their lazy eye. I don't know why many parents are being told otherwise. Maybe this was caused by misinterpretation or long held beliefs. So you can consult an eye doctor in a good hospital.
  • Rebecca


    Amblyopia therapy is generally most successful at ages 7 and younger. At age 14, visual development is complete and amblyopia is permanent.
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