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Do your eyes dilate when you are scared?

Will your eyes dilate when you are scared? I am just curious about that.
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  • Rebecca


    Yeah. This is because of the"flight or fight response". Adrenaline makes your heart race faster to get oxygen to your muscles and your brain gets hyperalert. Your pupils dilate to optimize the amount of light at the back of the eye so that you know what's going on around you.
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  • Caroline bell


    I don't know whether my eyes will dilate or not when I was scared. Because I never saw my eyes in a mirror after I was scared. But next time you are scared you can ask someone to see your eyes or watch them in a mirror to know whether they are dilate or not. Usually our eyes will open wider than usual when we are scared.
  • Ana evelyn


    Dear friend, your pupil will dilate when you are scared. But this will not do great damages to our eyes. It is just an instinctive reaction. When you are very exciting or see something you like very much, your pupil will dilate too. But nowadays, many people will shout loudly when they are scared. Maybe this is a kind of instinctive reaction too.