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what color will my baby's eyes be if my eyes are gray ?

My eyes are gray and my husband's eyes are gray too. I want to know whether the color of my baby's eyes will be gray. Any ideas?
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  • Kachun


    Dear friend, I think the eye color of your baby's eyes will be gray too. But there are many possibilities that the color will change when he or she gets older or when there are some genetic changes happen in his or her body. It is said that the eye color of Caucasian babies will change several times before a baby's first birthday. And usually they are born with slate-gray eyes or dark blue eyes.
  • Samuel rodney


    The amount of melanin in our iris will determine which kind of eye color we will have. But at the beginning, I think the eye color is determined by the gene that a baby inherits from his or her parents. Sometimes the expression of the gene will account for eye color. And if there are any small changes in the gene, the color of the eye will changes. if a dominant gene transformed into a recessive gene, or a recessive gene turned into a dominant gene, the color of the eye will changes. I know this is rare case but it happens in our daily life. When your baby sees the light, the light will kick-starts melanin production in the iris, the color of the baby's eyes will change. I heard that the color of the eyes can change from blue to green then to gray or hazel and to black with the increase of melanin. Just as sunlight can turns our skin into a darker shade.
  • Miranda hall


    Dear friend, your baby may have gray eyes. Gray eye gene is recessive gene. Your husband and you both have gray eyes which means your both have two pair of gray eye gene. Your baby will get a pair of eye gene from his mum and his dad. So your baby can just get two pair of gray eye gene in the end. But if there is some gene transition in his body, he or she may have another kind of eye color. You can look at your family and your husband's family and think, do any of them have other kinds of eye colors?
  • Annette


    My daughter had grey eyes as a baby. She is t yrs old now and has hazel eyes.