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Johnny W.


Can Stress Cause Eye Twitching?

Can stress cause eye twitching? My right eye often twitches recently. Can you tell me how to stop it? Thank you in advance!
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  • Logan hall


    Dear friend, I think stress can cause eye twitching. I am suffering from eye twitching too. I often go to bed too late in the night because my roommate chats with her boyfriend every night. Sometimes I will ask her to chat in the outside but sometimes I just learn to accept this kind of behavior. We just have one room to share with, so it is really a tough question. And I can't sleep well during the night too. So I am suffering from stress recently. I think my eye twitching is caused by stress and lack of sleep. Now I come across a long holiday, so I plan to relax myself at home and catch up some sleep. Hope you good luck!
  • Marissa george


    Of course eye twitching can be caused by stress. If you are suffering from great stress at this time, I suggest you to relax yourself immediately. If you have suffered from stress for a long time, you may get other health problems. I heard that drink a lot of water and do some exercise can help reduce your stress. Or you can hang around with your girlfriends on the streets and buy something to please yourself. I think shopping is a good way to help reduce stress and anxiety. How about stop all the works at hand and sleep for two days at home? Ha-ha! I know this sounds a little ridiculous but I just do this when I feel the great stress because I know that I can do nothing well with great stress and there will be a lot of mistakes, so I choose to relax myself first and then go on with my work and study. Hope this helped!
  • walkerstalker2


    Guy, though stress can cause eye twitching, you may get a twitching eye by other reasons such as tiredness, eye strain, dry eye, lack of sleep, imbalance in nutrients consumption etc. I think sometimes we get a twitching eye for many reasons. If you are a computer worker and suffer from great stress, and you can't sleep well in the night, you may suffer from a twitching eye. You must treat your dry eye syndrome with artificial tears and catch up enough sleep in the night and find a way to release your stress at the same time. I found this information on the internet, I think it can help you know more about twitching eyes. Causes for eye twitching. Hope this helped!
  • Nat


    Yes, stress can cause eye twitching. But most eye twitches come and go on its own and without any medical treatment. Sometimes it will last for a few weeks but sometimes it will last for even months. Hope you good luck! Sometimes eye twitching can be caused by long time of using eyes. You can rest your eyes every half an hour and then go on with your reading or work. Hope you will be fine soon!
  • Rebecca


    Eye twitching can be one sign of stress, especially when it is related to vision problems such as eye strain (see below). Reducing the cause of the stress can help make the twitching stop. Tiredness: A lack of sleep, whether because of stress or some other reason, can trigger eyelid spasms.
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