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Is there really a difference in those expensive eye drops when compared with those 99 cents ones?

I am a current contact user. Usually, I will apply artificial tears to relieve my dry eye syndrome. But they said that the expensive eye drops works better than cheap one. Is there really a difference in those expensive eye drops?
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  • Brooke peters


    I think artificial tears are good for dry eye. Though artificial tear drops are very cheap, they work well on dry eye syndrome. When there is less production of tears in our eyes, we will feel dryness and itchy in our eyes. Artificial tears works the same as our tears, so it is the best choose for your dry eye at this time. You needn't buy expensive eye drops. Hope this helped!
  • chrissyonline


    Dear friend, you can use artificial tears for your dry eye syndrome. But actually different eye drops works for different problems. Artificial tears are the best solution for dry eye. However, if you got pink eye which was caused by bacteria, you could apply artificial tears to relieve your irritated eyes for a moment while it can't help you to cure the pink eye. So you may need to see an eye doctor and get some special eye drops for your pink eye. Usually there are salt in the cheap eye drops. So be careful in choosing the less expensive eye drops.
  • walker03andrea


    Dear friend, I heard that Lotemax, a prescription steroid is good for dry eye. It can calm down the pain bought by dry eye. But this kind of eye drop is very expensive and can't be used for the long term. And there is another kind of eye drop which is called as Similasan Dry Eye Relief drops. It is less expensive and works well with dry eye. You can have a try. But I still think the artificial tears are the best solution for dry eye syndrome in the beginning of the problem. Maybe the Similasan Dry Eye Relief drops are good for those people who are suffering from chronic dry eye.