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Matthew baker


Why am I seeing black spots in one eye?

I can see black spots in my vision. But they often happen in the left eye. What's wrong with my eyes? Why am I seeing black spots in one eye?
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  • David garcia


    Dear friend, black spots can be called eye floaters. Many people will suffer from eye floaters in their daily life. Some people will just see a few black spots in their vision while other people who have some kind of eye disease or trauma in their eyes will suffer from a lot of eye floaters. Under such circumstances, the patients need to see an eye doctor and have their problems treat by medicines. Black spots can happen in one eye or in both eyes. Good luck!
  • David


    Dear friend, the remains of dead cells on the surface of our eyes will have reflections on the retina and cause black spots in our vision. Most of us will have eye floaters and it is a common phenomenon. If you just see a few eye floaters in your vision, you needn't worry about it. Our brains will learn to adapt to it slowly. If you just have an eye surgery in one eye, you may possibly have eye floaters in this eye. But it will go away slowly after the remains of the tissues or cells on the surface of your eyes were washed out by tears.