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Why is pink eye worse at night?

I get pink eye and I have treat it with medicines. But my symptoms go worse at night. I don't know why. Can you tell me why pink eye goes worse at night and what can I do to relieve my symptoms?
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  • Rebecca


    There is no cure for viral red eye. Recovery can begin within days, although the symptoms frequently get worse for the first three to five days, with gradual improvement over the following one to two weeks for a total course of two to three weeks. Some people experience morning crusting that continues for up to two weeks after the initial symptoms, although the daytime redness, irritation, and tearing should be much improved.
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  • Caitlin


    Dear friend, don't worry. It will take some time for pink to get over. Usually we will apply eye drops or take medicines 3 times a day but actually a day means 24 hours so we may need to take medicine every 8 hours while in fact many patient take a day as the daytime. So there are less medical treatment at night and then the symptom will go worse. Hope this helped! Wish you will be fine soon!
  • easilymused


    Guy, don't worry, usually it will take a few days or even few weeks for the pink eye to go away. What you need to do is just to persist on applying eye drops or taking medicines. And do not rub your eyes at the same time. Maybe you just ignore your pink eye for you have many things to do while you are free at night so you will pay more attention to your symptoms while actually the symptoms are still there or are relieved when compared with that in the daytime.