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Makayla raphael


Is corneal abrasion an emergency?

It seems serious to suffer corneal abrasion. Is corneal abrasion an emergency?
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  • Shelby rodney


    If you get the serious corneal abrasion, it is an emergency which needs the treatment as soon as possible. Or else, it may affect your vision. However, if there is only the small scratch in the eyes, this kind of corneal abrasion will be healed by itself. You should just take good care of the daily life, including the sleeping and eating.
  • walgreens_1


    Well, generally speaking, it can be annoying to have corneal abrasion and it is dangerous to have this situation. And, according to some researches, it is caused by the eye infection. Corneal abrasion is often caused by eye infection such as bacteria, viruses or environmental agents. And when you get corneal abrasion, you may get blurred vision. For the treatment, you should find out the direct infection cause. In common, one or two days are essential for a basic one to heal. You can use some cool tea bags under your eyes so that it can relieve your situation. Also, wearing an eye patch will also be helpful, for it can protect your eyes from being infected. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.


    Well, I am so sorry to hear that you have got corneal abrasion, anyway, it is one of the most unwanted sufferings we ever expect during our lifetimes. Of course, it is very serious which could be quite emergent if it is not treated and taken care of. If your corneal abrasion does not receive effective treatment and medical care, it would be possible for you to go blind .

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