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Are contacts covered by insurance?

I want to buy a pair of contacts. I want to know whether contacts are covered by insurance. If the contacts made my eyesight even worse, what can I do?
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  • Aaron may


    Some people say that all of the contacts (no matter hard or soft) are covered by insurance. But some people say it is according to what kind of contacts you bought, because there are some contacts that are not covered by insurance. So I do not know which one is right. But I think you can consult the eye-care provider for the details about this question.
  • eden540


    I know glasses are usually covered by insurances. But I am not sure that contacts are covered by insurance too. some said they are and some said they are not. Maybe this depends on your insurance company. I think some insurance companies will cover it but some won't. I suggest you to call your insurance company before you buy contacts. And this may depend on the brand too. You can also ask the seller for more details.

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