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David garcia


Is it ok for a 9 year old to wear contact lenses ?

Is it OK to wear contact lenses for a 9 years old girl? Is it bad for eyes?
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  • walkingthedog


    Are you kidding? Oh my god, this is of course bad for the kid of such a young age to suffer from contact lenses. Despite the fact that contacts are able to improve the kid's vision for the short term, but there are lots of side effects! And the kid's eyes are just growing and developing, so I strongly recommend that you do not allow the kid to wear contacts. Maybe you should take the kid to consult a doctor.
  • Jack percy


    The answer is absolutely no. It's not ok to wear contact lenses for a 9 years old girl, what's worse, it's seriously bad for her eyes. As we all know, our organs, our body system, especially, our retina are not mature at all for a age of 9 years old. Wearing contact lenses goes against the proper growth of her retina. Besides, children always rub their eyes with their dirty hands, which will give a chance for bacteria to easily immerse into eyes while wearing contact lenses, It will cause infection to their eyes. All in all, it's better not wear contact lenses for a 9 years old girl in consideration of her healthy growth.Thanks for consulting.
  • steven


    It is not ok for a 9 year old girl to wear the contact lenses because children under 13 years old should better not wear the contact lenses. Their eyes are not developed completely. Wearing the contact lenses may cause dryness and other eye problems. Thus, it is better not for a 9 year old girl to wear the contact lenses.