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What are suitable glasses for women with gray hair ?

Can you give me some suggestion on choosing fashion glasses? I have gray hair and oval face. So, what types of glasses will compliment me?
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  • emily_109


    We all konw that, the frame and the color of the glasses should be matched with our face shape and our hair color. For the oval face, you can get away with most any glasses. Because your face is proportionately equal throughout. Having this good condition, you could wear glasses that are as wide as your widest part of your face, going slightly wider will actually look fine on an oval face. Actually, most frames will fit for you, here, especially, square and wrap-around frames are the best choice. Hair color is also an important part for choosing frames of glasses. To tell the truth, I admire your hair color, I would like to recommend brown or blue colored sunglasses to you, in this case, you will be more mysterious in the public. Good luck for you.
  • carolmck


    Glasses with lighter frame colors are suitable for grey-haired women. So you can choose glasses with frame colors such as light blue, pink, amber and grey. As you have an oval face, the widest part of your glasses can't be wider than the broadest part of your face, and your glasses should cover the center of the face as much as possible so as to achieve the minimization of the face length. A pair rimless glasses is also a wise option, for it well matches all hair colors and clothes.
  • Zoe


    No matter what's the color of your hair, contrast and proportion are the guides here. You also take your face shape into consideration. So I think according to your hair color, face shape and skin color, I think the a bold tortoise shell frame is most suitable for you. May be you can go and try them on then decide to whether get is or not.
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  • Vanessa


    Gray hair and oval face, congratulations! There is no doubt that you have already had the basic requirement of a beauty. Now, it is important to know what colors look good against your skin. If your skin is fair, coffee and light red are all good choice, because they will make you look more attractive and smart! But if your skin is a little yellow, I suggest you choice black-rimmed glasses. It will make you looking rather confident and glamorous. I hope that my suggestions useful to you.
  • Victor Lee


    Gray hair can vary from blond-gray to salt-and-pepper to pure silver. Image consultants say gray isn't the best color to wear with gray hair, whether for clothing or accessories, such as eyeglass frames. It can make you look washed out. Gold wire frames, on the other hand, might clash. Bold and bright colors make a great choice, taking your coloring into consideration. Shades of red or blue, or basic black, make a confident statement. If your hair is salt-and-pepper, choose your color according to the shade that's most prominent.

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