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Why do my eyes burn when i wear makeup?

When i make up my eyes, I feel burning in the eyes. It is so strange. What causes it?
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  • Christopher giles


    In fact, it's quite a common phenomenon. I think you may have allergy or a mild case of chemical keratitis. But you do not need too worry about it, for it will not be any emergency at this point and it will go away soon. To relieve your symptom, you can just prepare some cool teabags, and then put cool compresses on your eyes. In that way, I think it will decrease your burning. Besides, you eyes might too sensitive to the brands of cosmetics that you are applying, you'd better choose others fit for your eyes well or even don't wear make up at all. But if you notice a marked decrease in your vision, increasing pain or discharge, you should consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible for the sake of your eyes.
  • Logan hall


    This is the use of makeup make your eyes burning. The first possible cause is the eyebrow pencil in which often we find the pollution of fusarium which will easily lead to cornea fungous disease. The second reason can be the burning of cornea which may be caused by the alkalinity in the makeup. The third possible reason is the dust and particles in the makeup such as eyeshadow and blush that you carelessly let into your eyes so that making the eyes hurt and weep and may cause allergic conjunctivitis. Last, some colorful makeup such as rouge, lipstick, perfume and eyebrow pencil may get into eyes when you are doing makeup, then your conjunctivitis will be dyed and pigments will deposit there.
  • Kimberly quick


    There is no fault to beautify ourselves. Someone will makeup themselves with eyeliners. Unfortunately, most of women feel burning for the eyes. There are so many reasons: Firstly, maybe some women are sensitive to the eye makeup, or regular powder eye shadow bothers your skin, your eyes. For this condition, you should lessen or avoid to makeup eyeliner, sure, you could choose some hypoallergenic makeup to reduce the bad feeling. Secondly, maybe you are getting it too close to your eye and it's going in. So, you should take care your eyes when you makeup. And also that maybe you need to makeup usually in your life, that will be better for long time. You may use the eye drops to improve the situation, and meanwhile, do not rub your eyes with your hands. Best wishes for you, may become more beautiful.

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