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Why do my eyes burn after cooking?

After cooking, i get burning eyes. But i didn't get my eyes hurt during cooking. It is so strange. What makes my eyes burning now?
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  • Fari Tackaberry


    Thank you for your question, because you express many people's opinion. Chemically speaking, the oil contains Acrolein. When the oil is heated, oil and food molecules are being released into the air to burn your eyes. Therefore, open the window or turn on the fan above the stove to let the substance spread out rapidly. If your eyes burn even though you do the above measures, you could use the wet and a cold towel over your eyes or splash cold water on your closed eyes for immediate relief. Gradually, this condition will become good again. You should go to see your doctor if you feel eyes burning until the next day. Don't worry about it. May this will be helpful for you.
  • walkingthedog


    There are several reasons. Firstly, sometimes when you are using an oven when cooking, the smoke created by the oven will come out when you open the door of the oven and even you do not feel it at that time. But if you are in a small kitchen and the windows are closed, the smoke cannot get out and your eyes get influenced unnoticeably. Secondly, when you are cutting onions and cook onions with oils or cook with chilli will make your eyes uncomfortable. So make sure the air inside the kitchen is circulating. Then try drinking some carrot juice if your eyes are still burning.
  • ACK


    Probably the smoke or the smell But is it spicy?
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Well, as a matter of fact, such situation happens regularly. The most essential reason might be the lampblack. It normal to feel burning for your eyes being surrounded by lampblack while cooking. And your eyes is likely to get the infection because of the bad environment. To get rid of this situation, it's recommended you use a few eye drops to relieve the symptom. Whereas if the situation is severe and seems to get worse an worse, I would like to suggest you to have an examination health check in the hospital as fast as you can.
  • FBI


    Your cooking skills technology
  • Katie


    Burning eyes describes a feeling of burning and irritation of the eyes. Burning eyes can be accompanied by itching, tearing, or discharge from the eyes. If your eyes are burning after cooking, I think the most possible reason is that your eyes are irritated by some chemicals released during the cooking such as chili, pepper or onion. However, please do not worry. In many cases, the burning goes away by itself when you get away from irritating factor such as onion. In other causes, use of over-the-counter artificial tears or antihistamines can relieve burning eyes. Hope this helpful.
  • Aly Chiman


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