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Isabelle garcia


What are the bilberry eye health benefits?

I heard that taking more bilberry is good to build healthy eyes. But i just want to know what eye benefit can i get from bilberry eye health?
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  • John clark


    All right, sounds like you just want to improve your eye health through a natural way, and fruits or vegetables would be a good option for you. Anyway, bilberry is a plant that would be prosperous near cold areas, which is enriched in a lot of vitamins and nutrition such as vitamin A, B ,E, all of which are of great use to your eye health. Also, you should not forget to take exercise and develop good use of your eyes.
  • Melanie smith


    Yes, taking some bilberry is good to build healthy eyes. The scientific name of bilberry is Vaccinium Vitis Idaea. This ericaceae plants is native to North America, more than evergreen dwarf shrub in alpine tundra leaves simple. The leaf blade obovate, 2-8 flowers, bracts red, ovate, wide corolla white or reddish, bell-shaped, 5 mm long, four cracked, filaments very short and slightly hairy make it. They are the styles slightly beyond corolla berries globose and 5 -- 10 mm in diameter. Its bright red flowering 6 is in July and fruiting in August - September. The bilberry leaf contains the bearberry glycoside ursolic acid and other ingredients which can be used as a medicine, attending such as urethritis disease bilberry leaf tea processed that can be generation with bilberry fruit fragrance juicy, sweet and delicious. It contains many kinds of vitamins necessary for human glucose and organic acid. It can be fresh food and can also be wine, jam ring distribution in the arctic. It will make your eyes get moisture because of the containing vitamin. At the same time, your eyes vision will be improved. It is very healthy for your eyes.
  • garcia


    Well, yes, bilberries are very famous all over the world. And first, you need to know that this fruit has been used to treat a myriad of illnesses, such as scurvy, urinary tract infections and digestive problems. What is more, it has amazing ability to protect and enhance eye vision. For example, there is some evidence which have shown that the consumption of bilberries can improve daytime and nighttime vision, for bilberries boost the production of a pigment that helps the eyes to adapt to lighting changes. Also, it prevents or helps particular eye conditions. Besides, bilberry does improve vision in patients who have glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Anyway, it can be very beneficial for your eyes.