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What are the benefits of an eye mask?

My mom told me that it is a good habit to get sleep with wearing eye mask. But i don't know why. Can you tell me? Any benefits i can get if i sleep with eye mask?
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  • eden540


    Sleeping with wearing eye mask has many advantages. First of all, it can create a comfortable sleep environment. Because wearing eye mask could avoid the light to the eyes and remove interference. Besides, it can promote blood circulation, slow eye hyperaemia, and prevent black rim of the eye. Eye mask have been widely used in travel, sunbathing and so on especially suitable for insomnia, neurasthenic use,and it is beneficial to enhance sleep depth.
  • Ronda


    In my opinion, if you don't have sleeping problems, then don't use sleeping mask. I have tried before just for fun and I found it uncomfortable. But if you have sleeping problems, it's good for you to have a try. Eye Mask can cover your both eyes. Place the mask over your eyes then you are in a state of darkness or block unwanted light. You can more easily get into sleepy with out the stimulation from light.
  • walkwithme21


    As we all know, an eye mask often use for sleeping. It covers the area around the eyes, so it can reduce the interference of light and improve our sleep. Eye mask have other functions, too. Such as reduces swelling, relieve sinus pain and prevents a black eye. It also applies to flying , sleeping at the time enjoyed by car. But you should not tie it so tight or too loose, just comfort yourself.

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