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Why do my eyes itch when i have a cold?

I have a cold and feel really bad. But my eyes also feel itchy. Why? Can cold lead to itchy eyes?
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  • Jose joyce


    If your eyes feel itchy when you have a cold,it is the phenomenon of allergic conjunctivitis that caused by fire. Catching a cold may worsen your condition if you have allergic conjunctivitis before. But you don't need worry about that, just take some medicine of antianaphylaxis. Then you can drop eye drops and take enough sleep. Don't use your dirty hand to rub eyes. You can clean your eyes with physiological. When necessary,you'd better check to see if there is the possibility of trachoma.
  • elblancodiablo


    Yes, cold can sometimes lead to itchy eyes. It is because that a person's eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are all mutually interconnected, and so does the mucosa of each of them. When you get a serious cold, the mucosa of nose and throat will get hyperemia and hydroncus, and this condition will influence the conjunctiva of the eyes -- this is the mucosal inflammation which is midically called the manifestation of Mucosal Catarrh. That is the reason for your itchy eyes when you have a cold. You are advised to see a doctor and take some anti-allergic medicine and see whether the condition weakens. In addition, doing more exercises to make yourself stronger and healthier and to enhance your immune ability.