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What are the best glasses for fat men?

Do you have any recommendation eyeglasses to a fat men? What types of eyeglasses will look on me? By the way, i have a oblong face.
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  • Michelle


    You should pay attention when you are trying to select the right glasses for yourself. Here are some improtant things you should know when you choosing glasses: 1.You can turn to frames to making your face look longer and thinner. You need frames which is a little wider than or the same as the widest part of your face. 2.Never try rounded frames. These frames will make others focus on the center of your face and your chubby face have no place to hide under spots. What's worse, rounded frames enlarge your face and it may seemingly be bulging. Therefore, you may need angular frames/ rectangular frames. 3.Your face will appear smaller and narrower in rectangular frames. 4.Never try thin frames, as the glasses may be like implanted in your skin. 5.Rimless or half-rimed glasses are good choices for everyone including fat men.
  • Victor Lee


    Rectangular frames will make a person's face look thinner.
    Just go spend an hour trying on a bunch of different frames and see what you like.
  • en_liten_glimt


    Generally speaking, choosing eyeglasses depends on your shape and color of your faces. To a fat man, eyeglasses with rectangular frames that are thick might be suitable. Because rectangular frames tend to make a fat face look smaller and narrower. You should Avoid small rounded eyeglasses frames. As for a oblong face, I think broad and square frames will be better, because this kind of glasses can create a impression of shorter face.
  • Zoe


    Frankly speaking, when it comes to choose a pair of suitable pair, two factors need to be taken into consideration. Contrast and proportion are the guide here. If you are fat and have a oblong face, I think the rectangle frames is a nice choice. Never try round or oblong frame which will make you look fatter or rounder. Hope this helpful.
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