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What happens if you wear glasses after rhinoplasty ?

Can i wear glasses after rhinoplasty? Is it bad for my nose? What will happen if i wear it?
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  • Olivia


    Hi There, There's a new solution for patients that need to wear their glasses after a nose job or nose surgery without touching the nose. It's called OpticBridge™ and it's a really innovative device. For more info check out
  • Zoe


    Yeah, you can. You need to wear lightest weight pair of glasses that you have. After removal of your splint, you should limit the time that you wear your glasses. Keep wearing light-weight glasses. Do not wear plastic-framed glasses that rest all the way over the top of your nose. If your glasses have very small nose pads, you may wish to ask your optician to install larger, softer pads. You may expect some soreness on the sides of your nose after you have worn your glasses for awhile. This is normal. It may last 3 to 4 months. When your nose becomes tender, remove your glasses for an hour or two.
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  • Danielle


    Right after rhinoplasty,it is harmful to wear glasses. About two days after rhinoplasty, the nose is still in detumescenceis,and at this time the face blood circulation is quick, you can't wear glasses, because it will influence the recovery of your nose. After two to three weeks, your nose is no longer swelling, but you also can't wear glasses and shouldn't do strenuous exercise. Because influence the effect of rhinoplasty. After a month, you can wear glasses to see your nose clearly at this time, and it won't lead to side effect.
  • smith


    You’d better not wear glasses shortly after rhinoplasty, for it has negative impact on the result of the surgery. It is appropriate for you to wear glasses after 6-8 weeks following the rhinoplasty. Your nose is quite vulnerable to external force which will cause the shifting of the nose shape if the nose has been surgically broken or repositioned. In addition, the weight of the glasses can also leave an indent on your nose and it is almost impossible to recover. When you can wear the glasses after the proper time, your glasses should be readjusted to the new shape of nasal bones or the new position in which the bones are realigned.
  • eddy


    Don't wear glasses if you just finished rhinoplasty for a short time. The weight of glasses can break operation effect. I suggest you to try to avoid contacting your nose as possible as you can, because it needs a time period of 4 weeks to recover from the operation. But after a month. Wearing glasses, sneezing and twisting it will have little impact on your nose.
  • Victor Lee


    After the cast on your nose has been removed, some surgeons permit the use of glasses immediately whereas some may ask you to refrain from using glasses for a period between 2-6 months. If you need to wear glasses you should specifically tell your surgeon about this before surgery. You may need to obtain contact lenses.


    Don't wear eyeglasses
  • Markus


    The reason you should not wear eyeglasses while recovering from rhinoplasty is because they put pressure on the bridge of your nose %u2013 precisely the part of the nose that is going through a critical healing period. You may consider investing in a pair of glasses that don%u2019t put any pressure on the nasal dorsum for about four weeks after surgery. Doctor CO
  • Joey


    Conventional glasses rest on your nose, causing damage to sensitive areas and complicating the surgery. Instead, I recommend glasses that rest on the cheek. Something like these will work great:

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