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Is it possible to restore eyesight naturally?

I am nearsighted. Is it possible to restore eyesight naturally? If so, what can i do to restore my eyesight?
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  • Thomas oliver


    Well, this is quite a hard question. As far as I know, the majority of those with poor vision, it is nearly impossible for them to recover their vision. However, sometimes, at initial phases, people still have the possibility to recover naturally, but most of them did not succeed. If your myopia is not serious, and as long as you pay lots of attention to protect your eyes, then you are probably able to recover in a natural way.
  • Alyssa


    It's possible to restore eyesight naturally if your strength is not that much high. And one of my friends has already restored her eyesight, but not totally. By the way, persistence is the most important part for the restore activity. First of all, you need to do massage to your eyes every time when you are free, and then try to see something as far as you can see, making sure you see that as clear as possible. At last, you need to swift to see something near and make that clear. This is an exercise of your crystalline lens. Just insist on doing that, you can make your eyesight restored.
  • handsomestudgw


    The answer depends on whether you have pseudomyopia or not.Because it's out of the question to restore with a true myopia.However, if you find that you have pseudomyopia after a eyesight text,congratulation,it's possible for you to restore eyesight as long as you take the following advice.At first,keeping a good hygienic habit is necessary.More diets which contain vitamin A as well as tea which contains tea polyphenol to reduce radiation are of equal importance.Besides,having a good balance between your entertainment time and rest time is the effective way.Finally,do eye exercise everyday.If you make these measures become your daily habits, Ii'm sure you can restore eyesight soon.