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What are some home remedies for red eyes?

I get red eyes. I just stay up to late last night. But i have a big and beauty sleep today. However, my eyes still appear red. Why? Is it a sign of eye diseases? And how can i treat it? Do you know any good home remedies that can help my red eyes?
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  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    You can apply some home remedies to relieve your red eye. Your red eye may be caused by an inflammation in your eyes. You can put a piece of ice on your closed eyes to calm down the inflammation. But if you think the ice is too cold, you can apply some eye drops to reduce the redness.
  • walker_


    You can apply cold compress to relieve your red eyes. You just need to wet a washcloth in cold water, and then ring it out thoroughly. It will help to shrink swollen blood vessels by placing the cold compress over your closed red eyes. And you need to remember that you can't give your red eye a good rubbing for this will make your red eyes worse.

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