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Why do we get bags under our eyes when we are tired?

When i feel tired and lacking of sleep, my eye bags become noticeable. Why? and Is there anyway that i can remove eye bags forever? It makes me look old and tired.
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  • Hunter jackson


    I am just suffering from the same problems as you do. Every time when I feel tired or lacking of sleep, my eyes will turn red and tired and the eye bags under my eyes are more noticeable. But they will go away on its own after catching up enough sleep or apply some home remedies to the red and puffy eyes. I often apply chilled tea bags on my eyes to relieve my puffy eyes and it does work. You can have a try too.
  • Bridget C


    We may get eye bags when we feel tired or lack of sleep. It is a common phenomenon among most of us while the symptoms will disappear on its own without applying any medical treatment. I heard that some surgeries can help remove the eye bags under our eyes. This kind of surgery is often adapted by senior citizens for their eye bags are caused by age and are not easy to get rid of. But as to you, I suggest you to relax yourself and catch up enough sleep or keep a healthy sleep circle for the long run. Then you can get rid of your eye bags.