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How do eye doctors test for glaucoma?

I just want to know how can i eye doctor check for glaucoma? I don't want to visit an doctor. Can i do it myself? What are the sign of glaucoma? And how can i make sure if i have glaucoma?
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    Dear friend, I will not suggest you to do the test for glaucoma by yourself. There is some beginning signs that will help us to know something about glaucoma, but only the doctors who have enough professional knowledge and appropriate test can diagnose the disease for us.


    Eye doctor will apply test to determine the fluid pressure inside our eyes to check that whether it is within a normal range. This procedure is Painless and will just take a few seconds, why don't you go and check your glaucoma by an eye doctor? And there are drops which can numb our eyes and tools that can measure the pressure. Guy, you can't do the test in your home without these equipment.

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