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Gabriel peters


Why does eyesight deteriorate with age?

My mom get poorer and poorer eyesight with the age. But she doesn't have myopia. So, what cause her poor eyesight? Why people's eyesight deteriorate with age? Is there anyway that we can do to prevent it?
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  • Kristy Prince


    It is true that our eyesight will deteriorate with our age. Our eyes are just like a machine if the machine is old then it can't function well and there will be many problems with this old machine. Age will impair our eyesight. If we do not take care of our eyes, we may suffer from many eye problems and vision problems.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    Dear friend, I think you should take your mum to see an eye doctor. Many senior people will suffer from eye problems and vision problems. The regular eye exam can help them to get rid of potential risks and disease to get worse. You can also help your mum by keeping a healthy diet to provide enough nutrients for our eyes to perform well.
  • Rebecca


    By understanding this basic eye anatomy we can begin to understand the ways in which the light signal can be degraded or distorted, resulting in poor vision.

    The entry point for light is the cornea, the transparent tissue in the very front of the eye that functions as the window through which all light has to pass on its way to forming a visual perception. Next, the light signal encounters the lens, which focuses it finely on the third structure of the eye: the retina. The retina is analogous to the film in the back of the camera. It is on the retina that the light is converted into a neural signal that is ultimately interpreted by the brain as an image. Finally, the optic nerve, which carries these signals to the brain, functions like a cable that connects the video camera to the television screen. The deterioration of our vision with age is invariably the result of a problem with one of these four structures
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