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Can Eye Floaters Be Removed with Medication?

I have some eye floaters. I know that a few eye floaters will not do great damage to our eyes. But I still want to remove them forever. Is there any medication can help with my problems? Or any other ways to remove eye floaters? thank you!
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  • Danielle may


    Dear friend, you can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes. Although this kind of eye drops can't remove your eye floaters while it may be necessary when your eyes are very dry. We know that the eye floaters are some cell remains in our eyes, the flow of the water in our eyes may help a lot. I also heard that eye floaters can be caused by stress. If your eye floaters are caused by great pressure in your daily life, I think the best way to remove your eye floaters is to find some ways to reduce your stress.
  • David cook


    Of course there are some ways for you to remove your eye floaters. You can apply appropriate antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the number of white blood cells when you get an inflammation. Then there will be less eye floaters caused by the inflammation. You can take certain nutritional supplements daily to help get rid of eye floaters. Supplements such as antioxidant vitamins, hyaluronic acid and MSM eyedrops are good choices, you can have a try. Hope you will be fine soon.

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