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Angela tuener


Can Thyroid Problems Cause Vision Problems?

I was diagnosed to have thyroid. I am so sad. I heard that thyroid problems will lead to eye problems. Really? Can you tell me how to prevent this from happening? Thank you in advance!
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    Dear friend, I am sorry to hear that. But I think you needn't worry. I can recommend some home remedies for you. In the beginning of this disease, you can apply artificial tears to solve your eye problems. If it went worse, you can ask your doctors for some medicines. In the last case, you can apply surgery to treat your disease. You can put chilled cucumber slices or tea bags on your swollen eyes in every day too. This can help with swollen eyes caused by thyroid problems.
  • Jackson rose


    I am sorry to tell you that thyroid problems may cause vision problems. But don't worry. With the development of the science and technology, the doctors will finally find some ways to treat thyroid problems. And some remedies for thyroid problems have been invented already. You can consult you doctors to get what you need.