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What eye drops are safe for contacts?

Can i use some eye drops when i wear my contact lenses? My eyes feel so dry. I want to use contact lenses to relieve them. Can i do that ? And what are the best eye drops for contact lenses
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  • george


    Dear friend, artificial tears drops are safe for contact users. Artificial tears are just like our tears, it can help lubricate our eyeballs and it is good for dry eye. Many contact users will suffer from dry eye. And many of them apply artificial tears to relieve the symptoms. You can have a try.
  • Jade james


    There are eye drops that are designed for contacts. They are different from other eye drops for they will not cause drastic chemical reactions with our contacts. You can ask your optimist to recommend the eye drops that are suitable for your contacts. Or you can just apply artificial tears to relieve your dry eye.
  • Rebecca


    Contact lens re-wetting drops lubricate the eye and lens making your wearing experience more comfortable. There is no harm in using these kinds of drops frequently. In fact, eye doctors recommend using them often to improve comfort and to clean out debris and proteins. Just be sure the label says %u201CFor use with soft contact lenses.
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