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Katelyn smith


Why is my eye swollen for no reason?

I don't know why, my eyes appear swollen. Is there anyway to get rid of it? Any suggestion?
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  • Ana evelyn


    Well, generally speaking, eye infection can lead to swollen eyes. As we know that bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria that cause ear infections. So we can say that it is likely to have swollen eyes when someone has eye infection. In other words, when your eyes have been infected by irritants, your eyes can be itchy. In some cases, it can lead to swollen eyes. And then it turns out to be the situation what you have said. So you should not touch your eyes, when you have infection, especially with the fingers which have touched other dirty things. Or it can infect your eyes. For your situation, I will suggest you drop some eye drops, and it can be effective to the symptom. And having some cucumber under your eyes for a long time, maybe that can relieve your symptom too.
  • Kelly gary


    There must be some reasons for your swelling eyes that you don't notice. You may drink a lot of water before the sleep which may cause the swelling eyes the next day. You could use some warm cloth to cover on the eyes to let the eyes get released. You could also eat more vegetables these days which will make your eyes get moisture.
  • Connor scott


    Eyes may get swollen in lots of reason, so let name a few. First of all, you are lack of sleep, the other reason may be that you drink lots of water or wine before sleep, or your liver isn't work very well. So based on those reasons listed, you can do a little check-up for yourself, if you have the situation like the former 2 reason, you can just relax more and avoid drinking too much before sleep. But if you didn't qualify the first 2 reason, you need to see a doctor immediately.

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