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Miranda hall


How to stop contacts from getting blurry?

I feel vision blurry when i wear contact lenses. Is there anyway to stop it?
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  • Jacqueline warren


    You's better clean them up every day. After wearing contacts, you should take off them and put them into the box which is used to keep them. Make sure that each eye box has already put into clean eye liquid medicine. You also can wash your contacts directly. Firstly, put contacts on your left palm, and then drop some liquid medicine on them, lastly rub them softly and slowly with your right index finger. After that, put them into eye box again and clean them up.
  • Thomas keith


    There is a saying that every result comes from the reason, so if you want to how to clear the blurry, you should know what caused the contacts blurry. First of all, you should make sure that your lenses are disposable or not, if they are, you can just throw them away and get a new pair. Then, if they are not disposable, pls wash and dry your hands thoroughly, and remove the lens from saline solution in the lens case and place it in your hand and clear them carefully and softly. At the same time, you should keep in mind that you had better not wear your contacts more 13 hours a day. Also when you sleep, you must put off your lenses softly. Apart from the tips, you should also clean the contacts case very often and properly. If you have done the above points, your contacts still get blurry, you should have a try with the rewetting drops helping make your eyes wet. Hope make ideas can help you out.
  • Warren


    This situation may be caused by: mishandling your lenses, wearing them too long, not cleansing them properly, or not disposing of them as often as you should. You should first check out what type of lenses you have and how long you have been using them. Protein can build up on the lens over time and cause it to appear smudged. On the other hand if you have disposable lenses, you can ask an enzyme tablet to remove protein deposits from the surface of your lens. If this does not clear the lens, it means you should use a fresh pair. If you have hard, or gas permeable lenses, ask your eye doctor to polish your lenses. If protein deposits become a problem, you’d better consider using disposable lenses or switching to a brand made specifically to resist protein buildup. If all of these don't work, it's the signal to call the doctor.

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