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what causes eyelids to be puffy?

I have puffy eyes. I don't know what caused it. Can you tell me what caused it and how to avoid getting puffy eyes?
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    Puffy eyes is also known as Periorbital puffiness or swelling around the eyes. It is the swelling in the tissues around our eyes. It is caused by periorbital edema or fluid buildup around our eyes. Minor puffiness can be called eye bags too. But it is distinct from the eye bags that related to age or gradual increase in the size of the fat pad in the lower eye lids. I know that if we drink too much water before go to bed, we will end up with puffy eyes in the morning next day.
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    I think that some degree of puffiness may be normal. Eye puffiness may also be caused by: Mononucleosis, it is the early stages of an infection. We should apply for treatment form a doctor; Oversleeping or sleep deprivation, we should sleep on time and follow sleep cycles, then we can avoid eye puffiness; Fluid retention, it is caused by pregnancy or hormonal variations with menstruation. It can be partly alleviated by raising the head of our bed; Diet, if we take excess salt, salt may encourages fluid retention and further lead to puffy eyes. We can alleviate this by taking in less salt; Alcohol and tobacco use, the stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes caused by alcohol and tobacco can lead to fluid retention and puffy eyes. So I think we’d better give up smoking and drink less. Hope this helps!