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what causes eyelid twitching?

My bottom eye lid twitches for a long time. Yesterday, my top eye lid also twitches. Why? What caused my eye twitching and how to cure them?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Dear friend, I think eyelid tics and spasms are very common phenomenon. Many people may suffer from this in their daily life. Sometimes only one of the bottom twitches, but sometimes the top eyelid will twitch. Although eye twitching can last for weeks or even months, they usually come and go without applying for any special treatment. But there are some underlying causes of eye twitching. If we can find them, we can find some solutions for twitching eyes.
  • Anthony


    I found that eye twitching can be triggered by stress, tiredness (fatigue), eye strain, caffeine or alcohol, dry eyes, nutritional imbalances and allergies. There are so many causes of eye twitching. So we must first figure out the cause and then deal with it. If your eye twitching is caused by stress, tiredness or fatigue, eye strain, you can solve your problem by relaxing your self and get enough sleep in the night. If your eye twitching is caused by caffeine or alcohol, I suggest you to cut back the amount. Dry eye is quite common among people especially among computer users and the older population. We can treat this by applying some medical treatment. If it is not very serious, we can use artificial tears to relieve the symptom. And a lack of certain nutritional substances such as magnesium can trigger eyelid spasms. You can talk with your doctor for expert advice first.