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why do cucumbers reduce eye puffiness?

I heard that cucumbers can reduce eye puffiness. And many people are trying this. Does it work? Is there any science that lying behind this?
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  • Benjamin gary


    If your temporary puffiness around the eyes is caused by a buildup of lymphatic fluid, you need to do things to promote lymphatic drainage. Exercise and massage often help. You can drink lots of water too, because water can flush out the puffiness. If your puffiness is caused by irritation, you can put cool cucumber slices on your eyes. The coolness will make you feel pretty good. Cucumbers have powerful antioxidants and flavinoids which can reduce irritation. Chamomile tea can help reduce the swelling too. But they need to be chilled. Only cold cucumbers or tea bags can work better. And you'd better apply for four to five minutes.
  • Cameron smith


    Some beauty rituals will pass down from generation to generation, one of the most famous one is that cucumbers can help reduce undereye puffiness. I have tried this before, it can moisturize and whiten my skin. Sometimes it can reduce eye puffiness. I never thought about the science behind it, because we can eat cucumbers, so I think we can put cucumber slices on our eyes and this will not do great damage to our eyes.

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