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Jordan owen


what causes a cloudy eye?

I have a cloudy eye. I don't know what caused it. Can you tell me? How to cure it?
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  • Mona


    Cloudy eye can be cause by the increase of the transparent part of our eye. A dimming of visual perception or the loss of visual acuity can cause cloud vision. Cloud vision may occur in one or both eyes. Usually, the patients will experience cloudy vision as a haziness or lack of clarity in their vision. Cloudy vision may be caused by tearing, discharge from the eye. It is harmless.
  • Cameron giles


    I think cataract is the most common cause of cloudy eye. Other causes such as diabetes and optic nerve disease can cause cloudy eye, but they are less common. If this happens, we'd better seek prompt medical care from doctors.When we suffer from cataracts, the lens inside your eyes will lose transparency gradually. But this is seen more frequently in older people. If we damage our cornea, it may lead to cloudy vision too.

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