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abhishek sachan


Double vision but not diplopia

I have vertical double vision in both my eyes along with myopia. It does not go even if I close one of my eyes. When my eyes are partly open then it is least and when I open them wide then it fixes at a level. In between the image changes in its overlap and is more than the above positions. Also the images begin to separate with increase in the distance of the object. This is the best way I can explain my problem. I have visited three ophthalmologists till now. One said that I might have diplopia and even got me to get an brain MRI. But it didn't show anything and neither are my eyes abnormally aligned. They only tell me to do pencil push ups.Are there any other reasons that can cause such a vision?
PS:Once I got frustrated and forced my eyes to sides with my finger while keeping them wide open. I know I shouldn't do it but when done I saw that the vertical vision remained fixated over the object even as I saw the object from a completely different angle just like in diplopia.
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  • Mya harris


    Dear friend, I don't know what's wrong with your eyes. But I have searched on the internet to find possible answers for your question. We know that the objects will have image on our retina so that we can see the image of the objects. I think maybe your vertical double vision is caused by the surface of your eyeballs or the retina. Consider that our eyes will work as a mirror does, if the surface of the mirror is not smooth, the image will not be as exactly the same as the objects. I suggest you to have a look on this website It tells us why we can see vertical double visions. If we are not a professional in this field, it may be difficult for us to understand it. But I still hope you can get as much information as you want from it.
  • easilymused


    I think you can solve your vision problem by buying a pair of custom made contacts, because you said that when your eyes are partly open then it is least, so I think maybe you can cover most of your lenses and only leave a pinhole for your eyes to see things. But I don't know whether you can order this kind of contacts or not. And some medicines may have side effects on our nerve. We may have hallucinations after taking these medicines. You can try to stop taking these medicines to see whether these hallucinations exist or not. I wish you a speedy recovery.