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What eyes are more sensitive to light?

Different people have different eye colors. I want to know that which kinds of eye are more sensitive to light. Or what kind of patients is sensitive to light?
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  • David garcia


    Dear friend, I think the people who have photophobia are more sensitive to light. I just heard that black eyes are more sensitive to light, because we know that in summer when we wear black T-shirt, we will get pretty hot while if we wear a white T-shirt, we will not get so hot. But I am not sure it works the same with our eyes. But there are some people said that light sensitivity typically affects people with light eyes, because there is less pigmentation in multiple layers of the eyes than those darker eyes. Because of this, light eyes are unable to block out the effects of harsh lights such as sunlight or fluorescent lights.
  • Jade scott


    I know that those people who had photophobia are more sensitive to light than the common people. Photophobia means light sensitivity or intolerance to light. But some people are sensitive only to sunlight, but others are sensitive to any type of brightness such as fluorescent or incandescent light. Light sensitivity may be a minor annoyance for many people. It can be triggered by an eye problem or medical condition. If you are sensitive to harsh light and have eye pain, soreness and severe photophobia at the same time, you must let your health-care professional know, they can help to determine the cause of your light sensitivity and give the treatment.