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How were eyeglasses invented?

My baby sis often asks many odd questions. I can't answer by myself. But I am older than her. If I can't give her an answer, she will laugh at me. Just now she asked that how were eyeglasses invented when I am wiping my glasses. Anybody can tell me?
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  • Shelby


    Eyeglasses are invented a long time ago. I think it is difficult to tell her the exact time that eyeglasses are invented. she can't understant the theory of the functions. So you can create some stories. You can tell her that the first vision aid was invented in around 1000AD, nobody knows who invented this. People call this vision aid a reading stone. Actually it is a glass sphere that can magnify the letters and further help people to read easily.
  • Jackson raphael


    In about 1284 in Italy, It is said that Salvino invented the first wearable eye glasses. In about 1752, James Ayscough introduced his double-hinged side pieces spectacles. The lenses were made of tinted glass as well as clear. and it is said that Ayscough glasses were the first sunglass like eyeglasses, but this kind of sunglasses were not made to prevent the sun, they corrected for vision problems. And later Edwin Land invented a cellophane-like polarizing filter in about 1929. It was the first modern filter to polarize light.
  • Victor Lee


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