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Christopher dale


What causes watery eyes in the morning?

I woke up with watery eyes. I just can't stop the tears from my eyes. Why? What happen to my eyes?
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  • cabanaboy01


    The watery eyes can be the reason of itchy. Acually ,watery eyes is our body’s natural histamine release response system. When we face the following problems, our bady may throw out histamines or unleash tears. These problems are blepharitis,pollen allergy, tear duct blockage ,mold, dander, dust ,eye infection,conjunctivitis, stimulation from chemicals, wind, blowing dust, bright light and so on. Reaching for a OTC antihistamine is an often method for itchy watery eye relief.What's more, a healthy diet, for example, the intake of citrus fruit (vitamin C) and omega-3 fatty acids is good for your watery eyes.
  • duncan


    Well, according to your situation, it can be related to the dry eyes. Maybe you will feel strange, but it is actually the truth. Generally speaking, your watery eyes are often a sign of dryness. As we know that tears are for lubrication and for keeping your eyes clean. So when your tear glands don't work in a wrong order, it may develop dry eye syndrome. In other words, if your eyes become dry and uncomfortable, the tear glands react by producing large amounts of tears. And having dry eyes is very dangerous for you. Also, there are many factors which can cause chronic dry eyes, such as hereditary, immune-mediated, drug-induced, chronic allergic eyelid disease. So for sake of safety, you can go and have some exam to make sure the situation. Besides, just leave away from the infection and allergies.
  • Ieff


    Well, a lot of people have got the same problems with you. To be honest, the possible reasons for this are various and mysterious in a sense. However, you should get to know what led to your problems. Maybe it is due to the dry whether, maybe it is a cold, or red eyes. So my advice for you is to consult a doctor and get some professional treatment instead of wasting your time.

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