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Gene Hoffman


Computer Glasses

I recently had cataract surgery in both eyes. The lenses were for distance vision, and there was a minimal distance correction and a 250 near correction. I got a pair of transition- no line bifocals, but they are ineffective for the computer. In fact,I only wear them golfing or other outdoor activities.

In order to read or use the computer I use a cheap pair of 250 reading glasses. They could probably be a little stronger, e.g., 275. for very fine print. I am on the computer several hours a day, and I am beginning to feel some eye strain. My Rx is less that 6 months old, and these are my questions.

1. Which part(s) of the RX do you use for the computer glasses.
2. Will I be able to use the computer glasses in place of the reading glasses? (I can't handle 3 different pair.
3. Can your free offer be used in conjunction with an order for computer glasses?

Thanks for your help
Gene Hoffman
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  • Andrea warren


    According to your description, First. it seems that you need eyeglasses to help you correct distance vision, middle distance vision and near vision. To achieve it, progressive lenses are recommended for your eyeglasses. However, if you spend lot of time on computer, i suggested to buy a pair of computer eyeglasses instead of progressive lenses to help you see intermediate subjects. That because the progressive have very narrow vision zone that people can see through for intermediate vision. Second, it seems you didn't have a good understanding for your prescription. After an eye examination, you shall got a prescription, on which wrote your distance vision (DV) and near vision (NV). And you needn't do anything, just take your prescription to an optician. S/he knows how to deal with your eyeglasses. And you can decided which lenses you choose single vision lenses( the lens can only help distance vision, intermediate distance vision or near vision) or progressive lenses ( some people called it no-line bifocal lenses that can help you all vision distance). And usually, progressive lenses are more expensive than single vision lenses. Third, since you recently had cataract surgery in both eyes. You shall be careful to buy eyeglasses. You'd better visit an eye doctor and ask some suggestions for the sake of your eyes.
  • Victor


    Hi friend,computer glasses have anti-radiation coating, it can prevent your eyes from those harmful lights. I think it can work well too for reading. Firmoo's First Pair Free is now open again. Computer glasses is available this time. You can get your computer glasses for free