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How to get rid of protein buildup in eyes?

Do you guys know hot to get rid of protein buildup in eyes?
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  • Alexandria giles


    I often worn contact lenses and got protein buildup in my eyes, too. I searched online and find some people told me that Supra Cleanse by Alcon is good for protein removal. I tried. It is worthy good. So, you can have a try. If it doesn't work, you'd better consult an eye doctor. And also, if you wear contact lenses, you shall wear new contact lenses instead of old contact lenses.
  • Christian scott


    First of all, you should know that protein buildup is really very common so you just take it easy. And this usually happens to people who often wear contacts. Maybe you don' t know that there is much protein on the surface of your contacts. And that is why with time going on, the protein can also grow in your eyes. At this time, you may be experiencing blurry vision, itchy eyes and so on. Well, once you already get these symptoms, I suggest you not to wear your contacts for the time or your situation may just go worse.

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