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How to get rid of excess skin under eyes?

I am always so upset about the excess skin under my eyes. Does anyone know what causes that and how can I remove this?
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  • walkamong123


    From your description, it seems you suffered from eye bags, or puffy eyes. And the eye bags/puffy eyes are usually caused by the unhealthy life style for example, too much drinking before go to bed, too much salt consumption, and staying up to late everyday. If so, keeping healthy life style can get rid of the eye bags and puffy eyes with the time. Also, warm compress are recommended to the eyes so as to help remove the excess skin in a short time.
  • Jade


    It may be puffy, sagging skin underneath your eyes. And the main reason for the puffy, sagging skin may caused by the fluid retention underneath the skin or from loose, baggy skin on the lower eyelids. If so, apply a cold compress that may help you reduce it temporarily. Besides, cucumber slices and tea bag are also useful for decreasing puffy, sagging skin under the eyes.