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How to get rid of eye warts?

How can I remove my eye warts?
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  • colors8282


    In fact, warts go away themselves as times goes by. But it may take a long time for healing. If you want to remove it as soon as possible, you can apply lemon balm oil. Lemon balm oil have citric acid that is helpful in removing warts. Besides, Apple cider vinegar can also work for healing warts. It has ascetic acid that exfoliates the wart. If it Doesn't work, you can use the juice of a garlic clove to the warts. But you may feel pain or burning if you use garlic juice.
  • Chris L.


    I can assure you that the most effective way to remove eye warts is some useful home remedies. Of course if they are still there even if you have taken home remedies for a long time, then I guess it may be the time that you need to go to your eye doctor. It is said that the juice of garlic can work very well to eye warts. Have you ever tried that? You can insist doing this for a few days. But you need to be careful and not to get the irritants to get into your eyes. Anyway, good luck!

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