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Nicholas carter


Can medical conditions that cause bloodshot eyes?

I have got bloodshot eyes these days and my sister said this might was caused by certain medical conditions. Is that true?
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  • Nathan


    Yes, it is possible to get bloodshot eyes because of medical conditions. Some people may be allergic to some drugs such as penicillin or codeine. Are you taking some medicine in these time, if so, you shall consult an eye doctor if it the medicine you take cause the bloodshot eyes to you. If not, you shall consider other causes of bloodshot eyes such as eye infection or pink eyes. If so, you can use some antibiotic eye drops.
  • arnold


    Yes, some medical condition may cause bloodshot eyes. But there are still many other causes of blood shot eyes. So, we can not decide that your bloodshot eyes are blamed to medical condition. Commonly, hay fever, allergy of environment, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, chalazion, iritis, stye as well as uveitis can also contribute to bloodshot eyes. So, you shall check what causes it so as to treat your eyes in a right method.

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