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What type of lens is used to correct short sightedness?

I am nearsughted, so what kind of lens should I wear?
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  • bell


    If you are nearsighted, you shall take an eye exam first so as to get your prescription including SPH, and PD. If you also troubled by astigmatism, the prescription shall also include CYL and Axis Values. Then, you can order prescription eyeglasses lenses according to your prescription. Even if you want to buy contact lenses, you shall take eye prescription so as to get the right lenses that correct your vision.
  • cajunbel29


    Dear friend, many contacts can help correct your sightedness. You just need to have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor or an optometrist. Then you can tell the seller what you want according to what is written down on the prescription list. If you are easy to get dry eye, I think you'd better choose the contacts that can allow more oxygen into the surface of your eyes. But no matter what kind of contacts you may choose, you'd better apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyeballs and contacts from time to time.
  • Victor


    Short sightedness can be corrected by wearing spectacle having suitable concave lens. This concave lens helps the light, coming from the object, to diverge. When choosing your glasses, remember to get your accurate prescription first.
  • Rebecca


    The simplest, cheapest and safest way to correct short-sightedness is with glasses. Concave prescription lenses (called minus lenses) are used to bend light rays slightly outwards. The light rays then have a greater angle to bend back to focus when travelling through the cornea and lens. As a result, the light rays focus further back - on the retina. There is an enormous choice of glasses frames available, to suit all budgets. Glasses are seen as more acceptable these days, and younger people may even regard them as a fashion accessory.
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