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Is eye twitching serious?

Guys, why do I get eye twitching all the time? Is this serious?
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  • Tessence


    Eye twitching is not a very serious eye diseases. In most common cases, it is a sign that you shall take a break and get a good rest. In common, eye twitching is phenomenon that the eyelid tics and spasms very common. And there are many factors that can causes it including stress, eye strain tiredness and dry eyes. So, you shall take a break and it will recover. Besides, too much caffeine and alcohol consumption can also contribute eye twitching.
  • Ali


    Well, this just depends, but in most cases, eye twitching is just a symptom of fatigue which is reminding you that your eyes really need a good rest. Sometimes stress can also arise this. However, if your eye twitching keeps for a long time, then you need to go to see your eye doctor right away because this may be caused by your damaged nerves. That is why you need an overall exam. Don' t be freaking out first, just try to find the reasons first, okay?

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