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Is uv400 the same as polarized?

Does uv400 equals to polarized sunglasses?
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  • handxrxtied


    No, they are not the same. UV400 protection can provide your the highest level of protection. It can blocks s 100% of all harmful light from the sun including harmful UV rays. But, polarized lenses are special made to filter reflected light and reduce glare reflected from smooth surface. Also, polarized lenses can prevent from UV rays and intensive light. From this point, polarized sunglasses are better than common uv protection sunglasses.
  • warren


    No, they are not the same thing. Firstly, uv400 is already the highest protection for a pair of sunglasses. It can totally block the uv rays that attack you. You can rest assured to wear them and you don' t need to worry if they will hurt your eyes. Eyes are really very important for us, we need to try our best to take good care of them. Now let' s talk about polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are designed for sensitive eyes. They are not the same. In most cases, if your sunglasses are not with uv400, then they must be polarized sunglasses, lol.
  • Zoe Wang


    Definitely not. uv400 means that the sunglasses can protect you from sunshine. It can blocks s 100% of all harmful light from the sun including harmful UV rays. However, the polarized sunglasses are designed for driving or fishing and for the sensitive eyes.
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