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What are good home remedies for inflamed eyes?

It seems my younger sister got inflamed eyes. What are some good home remedies for inflamed eyes? Please help.
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  • Vivian


    Generally speaking, when the eyes get a slight inflammation, dripping some eyedrops is ok. But if the eye inflammation is serious, you need to take medicines for oral administration or get an injection. I advise you to go to see a doctor because if the eye inflammation is not cured in time, it can cause serious complicating diseases. If you do not want to go to hospital, you can diminish inflammation by nursing method. Encase the cold tea bag with towel and apply it on your eyes for five minutes because the tannic acid contained in the tea is a good astringent, which has an effect of apocatastasis. Do not take too much food with high salinity and do not smoke or drink. Keep your ocular region clean and ensure sufficient sleep. Eye massage also helps because it promote the blood circulation.
  • Caspar


    If you are sure that your younger sisiter get inflamed eyes,please don't worry.There are quite a few ways to remedy the inflamed eyes.Firstly,washing the inflamed eyes is essential to this problem.Eyewash for inflamed eyes is an infusion of comfrey or a decoration of comfrey root.That's because eyewash soothes the inflamed eyes.Secondly, oil made from balm reduces inflammation of the eyes.All in all,make sure that the inflamed eyes are cool enough.I sincerely hope that your younger sister recover soon.