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Why is there a bump on the inside of my eyelid?

I feel itch in my eyelids. So, i checked it into mirror. And i noticed that there is a bump on the inside of my eyelids. What is it? Any idea? And how can i remove it?
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  • Jade james


    From your description, it may caused by chalazion. Chalazion is also known as focal inflammation. In common, people who suffered from chalazion have bumps on the side of eyelids. But this inflammation of eyelids can also cause redness and tenderness. If you are in this suiation, it is must be chalazion, To know what exactly they are and get a proper treatments, you shall talk to an ophthalmologist (Eye M.D.) for an eye examination.
  • Mike


    It sounds like a stye or chalazion. As far as i know, both stye and chalazion can cause a bump on the inside of the eyelids. Also, they can make your eyelids red and swelling. But they are different problems. A stye is a small pimple on the inside of your eyelids or the edge of eyelashes. And chalazion is an inflammation on the eyelids. You'd better consult an eye doctor. And the way to cure it depends on the causes.