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How to get rid of a black eye ASAP?

I had a fight, and I got a little bumb below my eye, also, black eyes. But i don't want my mom know it. So, Please tell me how can i get rid of this black eyes as soon as possible. Please help, i want real answer!!!
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  • Marissa edward


    I am so sorry to heard that you got black eyes. In fact, there is no way to help you get rid of black eyes in a very short time unless you get a makeup(maybe it help). But there a way that may help you. You can apply cold compress that can help your reduce pain and swelling in a very short time. Also, some apply some tomato juices or any juices that contain vitamin C that can help the heal of damages skin. Hope this can help you.
  • walkingalone121


    Since you got black eyes from a hit, the blackness is caused by clotting of blood around the eyes. It is difficult to remove the blackness in several minutes. But you can take some cold creams and slowly massage them for about 4-5 mins a time. It can help the circulation around your eyes so as to help you reduce blackness. You can have a try. Good luck.