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Eric quick


What kind food to eat for a clear vision?

I have poor vision because of myopia. It is bothersome. Is there any food that can help me get clear vision naturally? Please help.
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  • b1wdancer23


    If you have vision problems because of myopia, it is really difficult to clear your vision by foods. You have to wear prescription eyeglasses to correct your vision. But taking properly foods can be good for the eyes. In common, foods contain vitamin A, vitamine C and zinc are good for the eyes. Besides, you can take more carrots that can help you build healthy eyes. And drink honey daily is also a good way improving your vision. Hope this can help you
  • Jon


    Yes, some foods are good eye supplements that may help you clear vision. In details. Foods with rich vitamin A such as beef liver, chicken lover, milk and eggs are good supplements for the eyes. Besides, foods with rich Vitamin C can also help the eyes strengthens your immune system and reduce your risk of cataracts and macular degeneration later in life. So, you shall take more foods such broccoli, orange juice or grapefruit etc. Good luck.