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Dylan fergus


Why do my eyes feel weird after taking my contacts out?

This is my first time of wear contact lenses. When i taken them out, my eyes feel weird and hurt. What causes it? Did contacts damage my eyes?
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  • Adam peters


    From your description, it is probably caused by dry eyes. Also, it could be from many things such as eye makeup allergies or disfunction of the oil glands in the eyelids. If it is caused by dry eyes, you can release your eyes by eye drops. Also, you can check if your eyes are red, burning or watering. If you have those symptoms, it may caused by eye infection. For sure, I suggest consult your physician if it's very bothersome after you remove the contact lenses. Good luck.
  • Anthony gary


    It is weird to get hurt when after remove the contacts out. It may be caused by dry eyes. In common, people with dry eyes may feel uncomfortable after removing the contact lenses. Maybe applying some eye drops before you remove the contact can help you. If you still feel weird or hurt when you remove the lenses after applying eye drops, you'd better talk to your eye doctor about the e situation so as to know what exactly the symptoms are. Good luck.
  • Rebecca


    It maybe caused by the dry eye after removing your contact lenses. you need to use some eye drops especially made for dry eyes. Of course, you also can take to your eye doctor to see the situation.
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